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The Future is Sustainable

The Real Environmental Impact of Plastic in Fashion

million tons of plastic produced


billion tons of carbon dioxide


million tons polyester fiber production


ended up in landfills


million tons of microplastics

Plastic Pollution

The Environmental Crisis

Plastic has become an integral part of the clothing industry, playing a significant role in clothing production, packaging, and accessories. However, its widespread usage comes at a heavy cost to our environment.

The clothing industry is a major contributor to plastic pollution, with synthetic fibers like polyester shedding microplastics during washing, which ultimately find their way into our oceans.

Plastic production contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption, exacerbating climate change. The disposal of plastic waste further adds to the problem, as it takes hundreds of years to decompose. As a result, our landfills overflow, and our oceans suffer from pollution that harms marine life.


The world produces 430 million tones of plastic each year


Plastic production is set to triple by 2060 if ‘business-as-usual’ continues


Two thirds of plastics produced are short-lived products that soon become waste


The annual social and environmental costs of plastic pollution US$ 1.5 trillion


Plastic could emit 19% of 1.5°C scenario’s global greenhouse gas emissions by 2040
low Recycling Rates

Low Recycling Rates and its Consequences

The clothing industry, after packaging, stands as one of the leading contributors to plastic pollution. Despite the progress made in recycling across various sectors, the clothing industry has fallen behind when it comes to recycling plastic.

Limited awareness and inadequate infrastructure for recycling contribute to low recycling rates, leaving a large portion of plastic waste unaccounted for.


of clothing contains new plastics

The consequences of low recycling rates in the clothing industry are dire. Plastic waste ends up in overflowing landfills, occupying valuable space and releasing harmful toxins into the soil.


Each year, the clothing industry produces millions of tons of plastic waste, with only a small percentage being recycled.

Our Solution

Using Discarded and Recycled Plastic

Probably we can’t change the world overnight, but we firmly believe that every journey begins with a single step. That’s why we have taken a significant stride towards a better and more sustainable future by creating products entirely from recycled plastic.

This innovative approach allows us to give plastic materials a new life, preventing them from ending up in landfills or oceans.

By utilizing recycled materials, we are not only reducing the demand for virgin resources but also minimizing the environmental impact associated with plastic waste.

Let’s Pave the Way Towards a More Sustainable Future

Be an Eco-Champion

Become an active participant in creating a sustainable future. By supporting us, you are not only acquiring a high-quality, eco-friendly products, but also driving meaningful change.

Make a Positive Impact

With your support, we can scale our production, raise awareness about plastic pollution, and invest in initiatives that actively combat plastic waste.

Be an Agent of Change

Help us amplify our message by sharing our campaign with your eco-conscious friends, family, and colleagues. Together, we can build a strong community of like-minded individuals.